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Impresa Petricca Simone

The Enterprise Petricca Simone is a company that performs:

Load tests on every kind of structure (concrete, metal and wood) for static tests.

Complete renovations of buildings (indoor / outdoor).

The Petricca company was founded in 2012  following the lead of the Surveyor Geom. Umberto Petricca, leading expert in load tests and operating all over the country since 1951.

Currently the business is run by his son, Geom. Roberto Petricca (with forty years of experience in the field) and his grandson Simone Petricca (RINA certified technician, in business since 2006).

Among its clients there are private companies (eg. Astaldi S.p.A., Metro C S.c.p.A., Italiana Costruzioni S.p.A, etc .) and public bodies.

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