Lifting Bridge Pond Eur Rome

By means of accurate calculations, no. 13 hydraulic jacks with a max capacity of 20 T have been placed, each, under the structure. A metal structure was made to distribute the thrust of all the jacks and, once the frame has been lifted with a pressure distributor of suitable capacities, it was proached to keep it at a new altitude in a definitive way. Thanks to this intervention it was possible to intervene and to restore the height difference due to a slight failure of the load bearing structure. 20170612_123550 IMG-20170706-WA0020 IMG-20170706-WA009520170612_123437 IMG-20170706-WA0102 IMG-20170706-WA0104 IMG-20170706-WA0105 IMG-20170706-WA0107 IMG-20170706-WA0117 IMG-20170706-WA0120 IMG-20170706-WA0125 IMG-20170706-WA0131 IMG-20170706-WA0137 IMG-20170706-WA0141

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