Load test on a metal pedestrian walkway 600 kg/sq. m

In order to be able to carry out the test load on this deck, having total light of M. 1×14 with the flat central zone and the two sloping lateral zones, it was used N. 1 cushion water Tank of 1×6 m placed in the center and N. 20 Fiberglass Trays of M. 0, 3x1x1 arranged laterally.

For the measurements, N. 10 centesimal comparators were used on special contrasting spring devices on Invar wire, hooked on the lower surface of the structure and with iron counterweights placed on the ground (method of measurement chosen on the basis of the high Height from the ground of the Gangplank), at the various points chosen for verification of sagging.

IMG-20180115-WA0017 IMG-20180115-WA0031 IMG-20180115-WA0030 IMG-20180115-WA0029 IMG-20180115-WA0028 IMG-20180115-WA0027 IMG-20180115-WA0026 IMG-20180115-WA0025


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