Mausoleum of Augustus-load tests on stair ramps

This time we were instructed to carry out load tests in a structure with more than 2,000 years of history: the Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome.  In particular, the structure is in the process of restoration, in order to allow soon access to the visitors. For this reason, stairways have been reinforced inside the structure, which are part of the planned visit path. The load tests were carried out with the aid of special fiberglass containers of a size cm. 30×100 each, made specifically to load every single step of the stair ramps, filled with water up to a load of 400 kg/sq. m. Foreseen by Tester. The lowering, as usual, has been measured with centesimal millimeter comparators, arranged either on telescopic rods, or with a special system on Invar steel wire.

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