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The Petricca Company includes the following team:

Owner: Mr Simone Petricca, born in Rome in 1987, technician specialized in load tests and structural investigations, RINA certified on various methods of technical investigation; experience in building renovation of residential homes, offices and commercial premises.

Technician: Geom. Roberto Petricca, born in Rome in 1956, forty years of experience in the field of load testing and construction/renovation of civil and industrial buildings.

3 Employees  in charge of construction works on site (truck drivers and crane operators).

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Company Vehicles and Equipment:

  • One van to transport people and things;
  • One Truck with crane for loading/unloading any cargo;
  • Iron beams for load tests of any tonnage;
  • Concrete blocks of any size for the preparation of ballast for load tests;
  • Water bags and tanks for load tests of any size;
  • Special fiberglass containers for load tests on stairs and loads hanging on structures;
  • Full equipment for plate load tests of soils;
  • Full equipment for testing of masonry with flat jacks (cutter, etc.);
  • Telescopic rods and special short pipe for measuring failures of any structure during load test;
  • Complete core drill for drilling holes on concrete of any size;
  • Varied tools for structural surveys and load tests (pressure gauges, analog and digital-centesimal comparators, electromagnets, etc.);
  • Hydraulic equipment for load tests ( jacks for any tonnage, hydraulic pumps, fittings);
  • Full equipment for load tests in attics with contrast method with jacks;
  • Instrumentation for structural investigations: echometric testing, ultrasonic testing, sclerometric tests, pacometric tests.
  • Instrumentation for Cross-Hole tests on foundation piles;
  • Instrumentation for monitoring damages (deformometer, etc.)
  • Various tools and machines fort construction works of all kinds.

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